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Who is the ISurvivedSeries?

The ISurvivedSeries is a community mental health organization that creates and implements community programs designed for kids to have the space to express themselves in a healthy and fun way. In addition to community programs, the organization curates events as a celebration of the arts, de-stigmatization efforts, and to spread awareness about different areas of mental health. Each event acts as a fundraiser for local organizations making efforts towards the ideals that each event highlights.

L.O.V.E Leading Overcoming and Victorious Everyday

Our first community program was established and implemented in 2018 for Highlands Elementary School in Huntsville, AL. The purpose of the program was to provide this community of children with a healthy and positive outlet in which they could give back to their community in a fun and exciting way. We also created a curriculum about self-love and self-care that was delivered each week at the beginning of rehearsal. It was an honor to see the transformation in these kids. Giving these children the space to express themselves, release pent up energy, and unlock new levels of confidence was essential. 

Rhythm & Balance

On November 14, 2020, the isurvivedseries had our first event! We were able to raise $1000 to donate to NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Health) Huntsville. The month of November acknowledged suicide survivors, so we took the time to celebrate the lives of those we have lost to suicide as well as those who have attempted but are still here with us. We were able to spread mental health awareness in a safe, entertaining, and peaceful way to upwards of 100 in-person attendees and 95 online viewers. We had performances from Zilla, D'Anthony and Savvy. We even had spoken word performances and live artist. We were blessed to have a representative from NAMI speak on her journey with the organization. We all experienced one of the most amazing feelings seeing everyone come together to take on so many different emotions in the span of three hours. The laughs, the dancing, even the tears—we needed that. We needed each other.

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